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WYEC IED detection system of intelligent transformer manufacturing Shandong Wuyue Electric Appliance Co. Ltd: non electricity protection IED, WYEC-701-TMI IED, WYEC-701-TMM IED the main measurement monitoring and cooling device control IED, OLTC control IED, winding IED, optical fiber temperature measurement of partial discharge monitoring IED, chromatographic monitoring of IED, core grounding current on-line monitoring IED casing, dielectric loss and capacitance of IED supporting SFZ11-150000/220 intelligent online monitoring taikai transformer WYEC-701-TNP, in September 2012 passed the test of the electric power industry electric power equipment and instrument quality inspection and testing center, and obtain the certificate inspection report in the near future (No. 2013091).
WYEC series transformer intelligent components meet Q/GDW-383, Q/GDW, Z 410-2010, Q/GDW 213, Q/GDW 214, DL/T860 (IEC61850), DL/T 1075, GB/T 13729, GB/T 14825 and other international and domestic related standards.
1, using double deck cabinet, the distance between two plates is 25mm;
2, intelligent components cabinet for front and back door, easy to install and connect equipment;
3 component cabinet has the ability to adjust and control the temperature and humidity in the cabinet; temperature and humidity control system component cabinet has the function of alarm, to the control of the temperature and humidity sensor and controller to perform the abnormal state of alarm device;
4. Transformer measurement and control device is used to collect remote, remote, remote control and analog signals of transformer components;
6, intelligent assembly includes a non electricity protection device IED, programmable control PLC cooling device IED, oil chromatographic online monitoring of IED, IED, partial discharge monitoring of casing insulation on-line monitoring IED, core grounding current of IED and optical fiber thermometry IED online monitoring intelligent electronic device;
8, all IED follow the DL/T860 (IEC61850) communication protocol;
9. It has the function of TRMS integrated on-line monitoring system.
10, the system is reliable and stable operation, with a large team of experts, including technology, testing, operation and so on.


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