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Five metals electrical corrugated metal conservator made Shenyang Transformer ReTime : 2017-07-22  Click :

The outer oil type metal corrugated oil conservator and inner oil corrugated metal oil conservator made by Shandong five sacred Electric Appliance Co., Ltd. obtained the certificate of inspection report of Limited by Share Ltd transformer Laboratory of Shenyang transformer research institute.
Metal bellows seal type oil storage cabinet with ultra flexible stainless steel bellows advanced as transformer oil volume compensation and isolation components, completely isolated from the air and moisture in the case, to achieve volume compensation of the main body of the transformer oil. In working condition, the built-in bellows like a huge wind box floating in the transformer oil environment, the lower part of the oil storage cabinet inside is connected with the transformer oil through the corrugated pipe, inside and outside of the atmosphere. When the oil in the transformer body changes with the temperature, the insulating oil has the expansion and contraction of the volume, and causes the bellows to expand and shrink, thus changing the oil holding volume of the inner cavity of the oil storage cabinet, and realizing the compensation of the volume of the transformer oil.
The metal corrugated oil conservator has the characteristics of simple structure, compact structure, easy installation, easy oiling, large effective volume, complete sealing structure and stainless steel core, etc., and can effectively prevent the deterioration of oil quality.
The storage cabinet has heat dissipation function, corrugated metal interior structure, the core can be placed outside the direct sunlight to the oil, delaying the aging of oil, oil tank cover are arranged on a window, the expansion body is easy to circulate in the heat expands, thereby reducing the loss of the transformer, improve the efficiency.
The bellows expansion tank outputs 4~20mA current signals, which can be used for remote on-line monitoring.

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